Losing your car in a dream and getting lost

Losing your car in a dream

One of the most recurring dream is the dream of not finding the car or losing your car in a dream.

You often dream of getting lost or dreaming of not finding your car parked. We are in another city (or in an unknown area of ​​our city) and we want to go home. Unfortunately we don’t remember where we parked the car. Or it is stolen from us and we don’t find it where we left it.

Meanings of losing your car in a dream

The meanings of the dream of not finding the car can be manifold. Let’s try to summarize them like this:

  • We are at a point in our lives where it is necessary to review the way in which we move in search of our goal;
  • It is an invitation to look for new ways, rejecting the routines of our life;
  • We are going through a phase of profound loss;
  • It is a stimulus to regain contact with nature;
  • It is an invitation to get rid of our old way of looking at things.

Explanation of losing your car in a dream with the Tarot

How can the Tarot explain and interpret the dream of not finding the car?

We can associate the dream sequence with the Tarot sequence VII (Chariot) – 0 (Fool):

Tarot and losing your car in a dream
The Chariot and the Fool

Meaning of losing the car in dreams with the Tarot

The Chariot represents our inner means and resources to move in the world, to achieve our Mission, our triumph. In other words, the way we are achieving the goal of our life.

The idea of ​​losing the car is equivalent to feeling lost in relation to our Mission. Symbolically, it can represent the feeling of not having sufficient means to progress. Or even not understanding what our Mission is.

Our Mission is connected to the psychic process of individuation: reaching the center of ourselves. In general, the journey in the dream describes the way we “move” in relation to the goal of our life.

In psychic terms it is the goal of individuation: understanding who we really are. That is, to understand what our true identity is (the “Self”), what is the material, emotional and spiritual dimension that will make us feel totally fulfilled.

The journey into the unconscious

When the place where we find ourselves is unknown, we are in the unexplored territory of the unconscious, of uncertainty.

We are often scared because we are afraid of not being able to return home, which symbolically could represent the womb, the regression in childhood, everything that is familiar to us and that we fear to lose.

Without our Car we feel lost, at the mercy of the unconscious forces, we feel deprived of resources. We are forced to continue on foot in a mysterious and unknown territory, starting from scratch. Here then explained the meaning of the “Fool” (Arcanum 0) placed next to the Chariot.

But it is precisely this solitary journey, far from home, that is healthy in our quest for the Self, developing our individuality by severing the “umbilical cord” that binds us to the mother’s womb (= home).

The travel as pilgrimage

Buddha preached an eternal pilgrimage, inviting his followers to move constantly in the world, never taking up residence, a source of material attachment.

Psychically, this teaching can be translated with the idea of ​​never remaining attached to our certainties, to our “mask”. The “home” is a symbol in which we project the identity we build from time to time.

The Fool is exactly this pilgrim, who walks confidently and indefatigably, without any attachment (not even to the Chariot that he has lost!). He walks towards his goal, which in the Tarot sequence is the World, symbol of the totality of the Self. He does not fear the judgment of others, he is not afraid of being considered a madman!

The dream then spurs us to keep the threshold of attention constantly high compared to our real goals in life, enhancing our means, the inner resources to attach to the reins of our wagon, to realize ourselves in the World.

The journey as a detachment

Since dream symbols are complex and multi-faceted, the dream invites us on another level to renounce to attachment to material things. The value and the brand of our car is not important, but where it is able to take us matters.

Finally, the dream of not finding the car again prods us to abandon the familiar paths from time to time. An invitation to get lost in the unexplored and mysterious areas of the unconscious world. But with the same lightheartedness and freedom of the Fool in front of a new journey to undertake in the World.

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