Tips to remember dreams everynight

Tips to remember your dreams

This post is about precious tips to remember your dreams everyday.

Why don’t you dream anymore? It often happens to have periods with intense dream activity and periods where we have the feeling of dreaming less.

I am always surprised with respect to the general lack of interest that today’s man has towards the world of dreams, as if they were a minor matter or, at best, an exclusive subject for psychologists.

Making a personal statistic, based on how much I received during my OniroTarology courses or on simple chats with friends and acquaintances, I would say that more than 50% of people say they don’t dream. The correct sentence should be “I don’t remember my dreams”, because dreaming is physiological and we all have three to five dreams every night. The actual point is therefore how to remember your dreams (and I’ll give you soon some tips to remember dreams everyday).

But for simplicity, let’s keep the formulation of the question valid in the version: “why don’t I dream anymore?”, Or worse: “why don’t I ever dream?”

The wisdom of the ancients on dreams

To answer the question, I always refer to the illuminating aphorism of the Talmud: “An uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter”.

Referring to this letter metaphor, let’s ask ourselves then: why would anyone ever keep writing to us if we never read his letters?

This is exactly what happens: the mysterious sender (the unconscious) sooner or later stops sending letters to those who do not give them proper attention. In my own experience I “stop dreaming” after two or three times that I did not open the dream letter.

Some might say: who cares? A less hassle to read amongst bills and supermarket flyers. It doesn’t work that way. I have already talked in another post about the importance of the unconscious and the risks for those who deliberately ignore it (Go to the article “The unconscious does not exist!“).

But what does it mean to pay attention to the letters we receive in dreams? Our unconscious, it is true, is a wild creature (it is nature!), but it is not so touchy. The mysterious sender, in order to keep on writing to us, does not pretend that we understand his letters, but that at least we open them.

Practical tips to remember dreams

Here is a checklist to continue receiving letters from our unconscious and to establish an enriching relationship with it:

  1. Let’s restore our “mailbox”. Let’s recognize the importance and dignity of the unconscious and all its manifestations. Get in a listening mood with respect to his messages and let us fall asleep with the firm will to remember what we dreamed of when we wake up.
  2. Read the letters you receive from the unconscious. Go back over to what you dreamed of (even if it was a vague fragment) and write it in a dream diary. This unlocks the memory of the dream very effectively.
  3. Try to understand the content of the letter. It is undoubtedly the most difficult part, because our unconscious has its own language to express itself. It is the art of dream interpretation. For those who do not master this art, it may be sufficient to even ask yourself: “What did this dream mean?”
  4. Put the content of the letter into practice. If you can grasp the meaning of the dream, try to put it into practice. The unconscious is always a source of personal enrichment, when we understand its teaching.
  5. Send the unconscious reply letters. Interact actively with what you dream, create a dialogue with your unconscious in a creative way, using techniques such as active imagination (read here to learn more) or dream incubation.

The High Priestess letter

Let’s try now to approach the topic discussed according to the Tarot language and symbolism.

Let us be inspired by the High Priestess Tarot card and think of the book she holds in her hands as the letter that the unconscious sends us through the dream. Just Like the High Priestess, let us analyze this letter in an intimate way, let’s feel it, let’s make it ours.

The High Priestess Tarot card: tips to remember dreams
The High Priestess Tarot card

The Eagle of the Empress Tarot card

In the Tarot deck, the Empress follows the High Priestess: instead of the book, the Empress holds a shield with an eagle. You can also see the tripartite globe, symbol of the world, the Empress field of action and domination.

Tips to remember dreams: The Empress Tarot card and her shield
Empress Tarot card and her shield

The eagle is a solar symbol that recalls thinking, just like a creative idea that “flies high” and acts in the world with maximum freedom. The book of the Popess has turned into active thinking: the Empress channels the content of the dream letter turning it into energy to act concretely in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to remember dreams everynight”

  1. I think you’ve missed the mark. While everyone does dream, remembering isn’t merely just a case of willing it to be so. I had hoped for mor practical tips.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment! The (strong) willing to remember your dreams when you go to bad is actually the first and more important key to unlock the capability of remembering dreams. Keeping a notebook close to your bed strengthens this will.


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