Walking dream meaning with Tarot

Walking dream meaning with Tarot

OniroTarology is a method that uses the language of the Tarot to interpret dreams: how can Tarot symbolism unveil walking dream meaning? Here is an example of OniroTarology based on this young man dream:

“I was walking on a sidewalk on a fairly long and straight road that I know very well because I go through it every day to go to work and to go home. The strange thing, so to speak, is that I usually go through it by car. I had the feeling that I was coming back from work because I had the same backpack that I usually carry for work.

As I walked I lit a cigarette, it was night and as soon as I lit my cigarette I saw that all the lights (street lamps, the lights of houses, etc.) started to fade out slowly. I felt anxious because there was not even a light to illuminate the street, so I looked up into the sky looking for the stars and the Moon and with great surprise I saw that as soon as I looked at them they disappeared too.

For my personal culture I know that the brightest star known is Sirius and that without external lights it can even form a shadow on Earth, so I looked at the sky desperately to look for it but I didn’t see it. Then I woke up .. ”

(Dream of D.)

Example of OniroTarology: the Tarot cards and walking dream meaning

In this example of OniroTarology, the dream can be associated with the Fool Tarot Card who undertakes a new path towards the Stars.

walking dream meaning with Tarot
The Fool and the Star Tarot Cards

By observing the Arcanum of the Fool we can in fact find numerous elements inspired by this dream:

• The theme of the journey: the dreamer finds himself on foot, in the act of taking the same old road but with a different approach (leaving the car!);

• The backpack: even the fool has a bag. It represents the wealth of experiences that we carry with us in undertaking a new journey, leaving the past behind us;

• A blue dog. Sirius, the quoted star, belongs to the constellation of the Canis Majoris. Being blue, we understand that this “dog” is actually a heavenly being: it is our “guide dog”, the set of our unconscious instincts that drives us to undertake a new path.

As for the Stars, the dream reference to the Arcanum XVII is evident. In the Tarot, the Stars indicate the goal to be reached, the Mission to which we are predestined, our “earthly paradise”. In Jungian terms, the Star is a prefiguration of one’s Self. The Stars are a guide in the night, a reference for pilgrims and ancient sailors. In the Tarot spread, the Fool seems to look at the great Star on the head of the woman, which is precisely the Self. But in this example of OniroTarology the stars are darkened!

Interpretation of the dream with Tarot

In this dream the Tarot seems to represents the dreamer as the “Fool” who embarks on a new path in search of his Star. The dream begins with D. walking along the usual road that runs daily. In the context of the dream, the “work” expresses the idea of ​​a daily routine that our unconscious invites us to abandon: it is exactly the idea of ​​this long and monotonous road, which corresponds to a rather static vision of life.

The other important element is walking. It corresponds to the need to re-establish contact with the “mother” earth. It means that life no longer has to be a long monotonous road and hastily traveled by car; life must be a path to be enjoyed centimeter by centimeter. Only by walking on foot can we realize the wonder of what surrounds us.

But moving on foot also requires the abandonment of comfort, the willingness to face a solitary journey that can also be a source of some danger (while in the car we are always, for better or worse, protected and isolated from the external environment!).

The journey of the Fool Tarot Card

The dreamer’s backpack underlines the unconscious desire to leave the past behind, to embark on a new journey, taking advantage of accumulated experiences, not capitalizing them, but putting them at the service of a future quest.

Tarot Fool character looks up in the sky, as D. looks up, looking for a guiding star after the environment has suddenly darkened. The dream invites us to abandon the logic of “moving horizontally” and instead to provide an elevation upwards.

It is a strong invitation to change perspective, to observe the “old life” in a completely new light. But here the dream introduces an element of complexity, just as in every fairy tale or myth there is always a negative element to deal with. In fact the question to ask is: what is the goal to reach?

The Fool and the Star as Jungian Self

The Fool in fact does not have to “wander” and walk around in a circle, but he must always have a goal towards which to direct his own pilgrimage, otherwise he would remain only “slave” of his instincts: in this perspective, the Fool would be in total mercy of the dog that pushes him. He would be a slave to his instincts without a precise purpose!

As we know, the Fool must reach his Star: he must be inspired by a Mission to be achieved, the realization of the Self. But in the dream these stars are darkened! Even Sirius, the brightest star, does not seem visible. Thus, the unconscious communicates to D. that he is in a condition of loss. There is a strong desire to change the modalities of his journey in the path of life, but the destination is not clear. Discomfort prevails in this phase, the fear of feeling alone, abandoned, lost in an unknown territory and without any guide. He is fearful of abandoning the current securities for a new uncertain road.

Example of OniroTarology: walking dream meaning

In this example of OniroTarologia, the indication of the dream for D. is then to find his own Star: to focus on the objective, the Mission of his own life. What seems to be missing is the inner “fire”, which at the moment is comparable to the temporary flame of the cigarette.

The Stars that D. observes seem to fade one after the other, just like so many cigarettes. It can mean that in his life there are different possible paths to take, but that never represent a certainty. The stars that fade represent the “certainties” that fail, the discomfort of seeing all the dreamer’s expectations fade.

But this is an essential phase for evolution. Only in total darkness will appear the guiding star par excellence: Sirius. The important thing now is to get in gear, abandon the streets of the past and be willing to face the dangers of a dark and unknown road!

It is interesting to note that the lights and other stars fade out as the cigarette lights up. Perhaps the unconscious also wants to communicate, at a more practical level (since dreams are always an incredible “tangle” of messages!) that the dreamer experiences smoking as a problem, and that he should “abandon” this vice, or at least reduce the amount of cigarettes.

In this perspective, the unconscious seems to say: “Look, you’d better reduce this smoking habit, because every lit cigarette turns off a star in your firmament!” This much more practical interpretation, of a “healthy” nature, also includes the idea of ​​starting a new healthier life, starting to leave the car and favoring walking or cycling!

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