Recurring themes in dreams and how to approach them

Recurring themes in dreams

We can often find recurring themes in dreams, such us recurring locations, elements, or characters. But the various forms and shapes with which they recur in dreams makes it difficult to link them to their deeper symbolic meaning.

Those symbolic elements very often revolve around the archetypes described by Carl Gustav Jung.

In interpreting dreams, a very effective technique is to ask yourself: in what other dreams did I experience this situation? In what context have I already dreamed of a similar image? What elements are often present in my dreams?

Try to describe the dream content with simple and natural language. Imagine having to explain it to a child. You will discover that the same essential description adapts to other elements dreamed of in the past. Or even to the dream of yesterday!

This technique applies not only to recurring dreams, where it is much easier to recognize the identity of the symbolic situation represented, but to all the elements we dream of. We could thus discover that our dreams revolve around certain themes or recurring motifs: recurring elements in dreams that change in form but not in symbolic substance.

Working with recurring elements in dreams

Recognizing these recurring themes is already an excellent step towards the development of a new consciousness. In fact, by bringing out these “hidden motifs” we can dialogue fruitfully with our unconscious.

Here are some key questions to approach the recurring elements in dreams.

  • Why does this object appear so often in my dreams?
  • How do I relate to this object in my dream?
  • Which effects, sensations, emotions this object provokes me?
  • When did I find myself in a situation described by this recurring motif?
  • How could I deal creatively with this aspect in conscious life?

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The book of the High Priestess Tarot and the recurring elements in dreams

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