Being unable to move in dreams meaning

Dreams of being unable to move

How many times you dream of being unable to move? Or not being able to escape from danger?

We are talking about those dreams in which we try to perform an action but we feel stuck, immobilized. As if we were entwined by a superior force. A typical example is when in the dream we try to run but we seem to move in slow motion. Another type of dream is about night paralysis. Or situations in which our body sleeps, our mind seems awake and we have the anguished feeling of being paralyzed. This is the phenomenon of extra-corporeal experiences.

Meaning of being unable to move in dreams

The meaning of dreams must always be traced back to the subjectivity of the dreamer. In fact, the same dream can have opposite meaning for two different dreamers.

There are two key questions to find out the meaning of dreams where you are unable to move:

1) Which conscious attitude does my unconscious aim to compensate through this dream?

2) Why am I having this dream at this particular stage of my life?

With this premise, however, here are some generic meanings of dreaming of not being able to move.

  • Something in real life is trapping us, depriving us of the possibility of acting and of choosing.
  • Our unconscious suggests that we should not force a particular situation.
  • We are, on the contrary, developing an attitude that is too passive with respect to a particular situation.
  • We are still clinging in a kind of mother’s womb, as if we were still in our swaddling clothes.

Feeling immobilized in the dream and the Hanged Man Tarot

There are symbolic correlations between the language of dreams and the language of the Tarot, according to OniroTarology method. It is therefore possible to understand the meaning of dreams using the symbolism of the Tarot.

The Arcanum that we can associate to dreams of being unable to move, specifically, is the Hanged Man Tarot.

Not being able to move and the Hanged Man Tarot
The Hanged Man Tarot

In the Tarot sequence, the Hanged Man comes immediately after The Force. This leads us to a starting point for the dream analysis. That is, we too often base our conscious life on “forcing” situations, on constantly demanding something from someone. We find it sometimes inconceivable to remain still, abandoned to ourselves. We are always driven to do, to move, to talk, to chase something or someone or to escape from something else.

Meaning of dreams of not being able to move with the Tarot

When The Force is dictating law in our conscious life, the mysterious engine of dreams compensates for this attitude by forcing us into the state of the Hanged Man Tarot. It’s true: remaining motionless, without the possibility of acting or reacting, appears distressing and frustrating.

But the teaching of the Hanged Man is precisely this: in certain times, the best thing is to give ourselves to a total passivity, observing the events “from outside”, as if we were not personally involved.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, everything that happens in a dream can be seen as a theatrical representation. The dream is a stage where energies that are part of our psychic totality are acting, but which we perceive as external to us. It is only by renouncing opposition, enjoying the show and passively welcoming the events that we reconcile ourselves with these energies of ours!

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