Meaning of dreaming babies and giving birth

Meaning of dreaming babies

What is the meaning of dreaming babies?

Dreaming of children or dreaming of giving birth is a recurring dream theme. The general meaning is deepened here.

In general, dreaming of children and dreaming of giving birth concerns everything new that is being born in us. It may be a new project, the (re) birth of new energies, the need to achieve a higher level of awareness.

Ultimately, the child we dream of is a materialization of our “inner child”, of our “new” psychic energies. It concerns, in other words, everything that arises and grows spontaneously in us, often to the detriment of our old “Ego”.

Meaning of dreaming babies and the Judgment of the Tarot

In the Tarot, according to the onirotarological approach, the Judgment simbolysm has a close resemblance to the dreams of childbirth.

Here we see a child rising from a grave: it symbolically represents our old “mask”, our old “persona” or identity.

Meaning of dreaming babies
The Judgement of the Tarot

Meaning of dreaming babies and the Star of the Tarot

However, there is another Arcanum capable of interpreting dreams related to childbirth: The Star.

Sognare bambini e La Stella
The Star of the Tarot

It is an Arcanum rich in symbolic references connected to the theme of birth:

  • a tree – symbol linked to the growth and spontaneous development of the Self, of the psychic totality;
  • the river and the water – symbols of regeneration, purification, the new life that originates from water, etc .;
  • the star symbol – according to the most ancient traditions, each of us is born under a particular star (or constellation!) that influences our destiny. It corresponds psychologically to the Self, the center of ourselves. It is our true nature that is opposed – often unconsciously! – to our ego. What we really are what we believe we are.

The Tarot Star as a woman in labor

The woman of the Star can therefore be interpreted as a woman in labor, the Great Mother, the Earth.

In many ancient civilizations women in labor were made to give birth kneeling on the bare earth, to underline the identification of the mother with the earth. The woman of the Star is naked, in contact with the earth, feeding the “river of births” with the water that seems to gush from her pubis.

If the Judgment is linked to the theme of dreams of childbirth where the newborn child is visible, the Star can be associated with dreams that put the accent on pregnancy, on the “status” of woman in labor.

Male and female energies in the Tarot

The Tarot can provide us with a precious interpretation of dreams related to childbirth.

What separates pregnancy from actual birth? Between the Arcanum XVII associated with the Star / parturient and the Arcanum XX associated with the birth there are the Arcanum of the Moon (XVIII) and of the Sun (XVIIII).

These are archetypes, respectively, of feminine / maternal energy and masculine / paternal energy.

It means that for the birth to succeed, so that our inner child grows in the best way, there must be two conditions. We must be able to draw on both the feminine energy (relatedness, “eros” principle) and the masculine energy (activity, strength, “logos” pinciple).

In the Arcanum of Judgment, in fact, the child can develop having on his right the father / Sun / paternal archetype and on the left the mother / Moon / maternal archetype.

It is with the contribution of these energies that our new evolutionary project will succeed.

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