The Living Symbol and OniroTarology

Il Mondo dei Tarocchi

The living symbol of Adler in a reading of Onirotarology. I started reading a wonderful book: “The living symbol”, written by Gerhard Adler. Adler is one of the leading figure of analytical psychology founded by Carl Gustav Jung. It is a precious work, as it describes the therapeutic process of a patient suffering from claustrophobia … Read more

Numbers dream meaning: dreams about 3

Il Sole dei Tarocchi e il numero tre

Numbers dream meaning: dreams about 3 This post is about numbers dream meaning, specifically about number three. Numbers may have in fact a precise meaning in dreams. Do you ever dream about number three? Or dreams about three objects or three people? Like any dream element (characters, settings, objects), numbers are of great importance in … Read more

The dream of Gilgamesh interpreted with Tarot

La Torre dei Tarocchi

The dream of Gilgamesh The famous dreams of literature can offer the inspiration for interesting exercises of OniroTarology, trying to find out the meaning of a dream with the symbolism of the Tarot. In this exercise we address the “Dream of Gilgamesh”, narrated in the ancient “Epic of Gilgamesh“. I also use this example to … Read more

Jungian interpretation of Tarot card: the Temperance

Temperance Tarot card: a jungian interpretation The Temperance Tarot Card, an image rich in symbolic content, offers an ideal setting for an example of jungian interpretation of Tarot. The Temperance Tarot Card in traditional cartomancy is linked to the idea of ​​healing. It is, so to speak, a “therapeutic” Arcanum, associated with the caregiver archetype. … Read more

Active Imagination with Tarot Cards

Active Imagination with Tarot I want to offer you a simple exercise: it concerns the active imagination with the Tarot. Active imagination with the Tarot is a practice aimed at establishing a deep and creative contact with the Major Arcana. Active imagination is a method developed by Carl Gustav Jung to relate to your own … Read more

Lovers Tarot Card meaning in a Jungian perspective

Lovers Tarot Card and Jung What is the meaning of the Lovers Tarot card in a Jungian persepctive? What would Jung say about the Tarot Lovers? I report here a recent article on the Lovers Tarot card and Jung. I’ve written this article for CEPEIDE, Magazine of Intersubjective Evolutionary Psychology on invitation of Giuseppe Fojeni, … Read more

Weapons in dreams and the Justice Tarot Card

Weapons in dreams and the Justice Tarot Card What is the general meaning of weapons in dreams? Weapons in dreams may involve rifles, pistols, or sharp elements such as knives, arrows and swords. In the dream we can handle these weapons or be the targets. This may be the case of dreams where we are … Read more

Dreams about fish and fish symbolism

Dreams about fish The meaning of dreams about fish may be unveiled by analyzing the fish symbolism. What lies behind the symbol of the fish in dreams? As I have already described in a previous article “Animals in dreams“, when we happen to dream of an animal (including insects), we must investigate its elementary characteristics. … Read more

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