Dreams about exams symbolism with Tarot

Dreams about exams symbolism Back at school in dreams Dreams about exams symbolism may be unveiled with Tarot language, in this practical exercise of OniroTarology. I summarize here an OniroTarology exercise I carried out together with the members of the Forum Il Vascello delle Stelle Stelle. The exercise is about linking the Tarot images with … Read more

Out of body experiences and the Hanged Man

Out of body experiences and the Hanged Man Tarot Card Out of body experiences or dreaming of getting out of our body are an overwhelming phenomenon. Dreams of this kind belong to extra-corporeal experiences (OOB or “out of body experience”). We can experiment Out of Body experiences with different degrees of lucidity (when we are … Read more

Dangers of lucid dreaming: pro and cons of lucid dreams

Pro and cons of lucid dreaming Lucid dreams are surely a wonderful thing, but I want to point out some dangers of lucid dreaming. First of all, lucid dreams are those dreams where we realize we are dreaming. The result is the possibility of piloting our actions as if we were awake. Or even to … Read more

Being unable to move in dreams meaning

Dreams of being unable to move How many times you dream of being unable to move? Or not being able to escape from danger? We are talking about those dreams in which we try to perform an action but we feel stuck, immobilized. As if we were entwined by a superior force. A typical example … Read more

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