Dreams of falling teeth or hair loss

Dreams of falling teeth

All of us sooner or later happen to dream of falling teeth.

The teeth are as a matter of fact one of the few tools left to us that link us directly to the primitive man in us. In the course of evolution, the teeth have essentially become an organ connected to chewing.

In the past, when our “animal” component predominated, it was a hunting and survival tool. The teeth were a weapon to attack and tear the flesh of the prey. An animal without teeth has lower survival skills.

As we know, in dreams the “primitive” instincts and the animal components still present in our genetic heritage come back to visit us. They are primordial instincts that remain settled in the “limbic” region of the brain. The idea of ​​losing teeth is the idea of ​​losing our primordial strength. Not feeling confident to procure food and consume it properly.

Meaning of the dreams with falling teeth

Dreaming of falling teeth expresses this symbolic image: “I am losing my teeth, so I am weakening, I no longer have the tools to actively enjoy my life”.

In this case the Tarot help us to interpret the recurring dream of falling teeth. Looking through the various Major Arcana, we find only one in which the teeth appear: the Force. The teeth are clearly visible in the mouth of this beast. It is a wild animal that represents our primitive psychic components. These are brutal aspects, but they can be tamed, enslaved, channeled to service of our inner strength.

Tarot and dreams of falling teeth
The Force of the Tarot

Dreams with falling teeth teach us then to recover our primitive strength, returning to “bite life” by drawing on the “bestial” components that are still in us.

A dream similar to losing your teeth is dreaming of losing your hair. Even the hair takes us back to our primitive being, as a remnant of our ancient “fur”.

The thick hair (just like that of the lion of the Force) is in nature a symbol of power, of vigour. In nature, animals with thicker fur cause greater fear and express greater seductive potential.

Again we see the archetypal theme of the Force: losing your hair corresponds to the idea of ​​losing your strength, just like in the biblical myth of Samson!

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