Unconscious does not exist? An ode to skeptics

Unconscious does not exist This article is dedicated to all those who claim that unconscious does not exist. “Many people doubt the existence of the unconscious,” Jung argued in the last century. I have the feeling that this attitude of skepticism towards the unconscious has become stronger today: I often hear this objection when I … Read more

Jungian intuition and Tarot symbolism

Jungian intuition and the Magician Tarot card This article is dedicated to jungian intuition and Tarot symbolism, in relation to the Magician or Bateleur Tarot card. I want to deepen in particular the Jungian theory of psychological types applied to Tarot. Click here to learn more about the OniroTarologia method. The Magician Tarot card and … Read more

Dreams about children and Tarot symbolism

Dreams about children and Puer Aeternus archetype in Tarot Puer Aeternus archetype and dreams about children Among the various characters encountered in dreams, dreams about children take on particular symbolic importance in relation to the archetype of the Puer Aeternus (“eternal child”). To understand the values ​​of this archetype, it is sufficient to observe the … Read more

Dreams about feces and Tarot symbolism

Dreams about feces Dreams about feces or defecating dreams express as we will see multiple symbologies, even of an alchemical nature. In an OniroTarology exercise carried out together with the Forum “Il Vascello delle Stelle Stelle” I proposed to work on dreams about feces and dreams of defecating, or more down to earth, to dream … Read more

Out of body experiences and the Hanged Man

Out of body experiences and the Hanged Man Tarot Card Out of body experiences or dreaming of getting out of our body are an overwhelming phenomenon. Dreams of this kind belong to extra-corporeal experiences (OOB or “out of body experience”). We can experiment Out of Body experiences with different degrees of lucidity (when we are … Read more

Jungian interpretation of Tarot card: the Temperance

Temperance Tarot card: a jungian interpretation The Temperance Tarot Card, an image rich in symbolic content, offers an ideal setting for an example of jungian interpretation of Tarot. The Temperance Tarot Card in traditional cartomancy is linked to the idea of ​​healing. It is, so to speak, a “therapeutic” Arcanum, associated with the caregiver archetype. … Read more

Walking dream meaning with Tarot

Walking dream meaning with Tarot OniroTarology is a method that uses the language of the Tarot to interpret dreams: how can Tarot symbolism unveil walking dream meaning? Here is an example of OniroTarology based on this young man dream: “I was walking on a sidewalk on a fairly long and straight road that I know … Read more

Lovers Tarot Card meaning in a Jungian perspective

Lovers Tarot Card and Jung What is the meaning of the Lovers Tarot card in a Jungian persepctive? What would Jung say about the Tarot Lovers? I report here a recent article on the Lovers Tarot card and Jung. I’ve written this article for CEPEIDE, Magazine of Intersubjective Evolutionary Psychology on invitation of Giuseppe Fojeni, … Read more

Weapons in dreams and the Justice Tarot Card

Weapons in dreams and the Justice Tarot Card What is the general meaning of weapons in dreams? Weapons in dreams may involve rifles, pistols, or sharp elements such as knives, arrows and swords. In the dream we can handle these weapons or be the targets. This may be the case of dreams where we are … Read more

UFO Dreams and the Tower of the Tarot

Jung and UFO dreams UFO dreams or dreaming flying saucers is a phenomenon rich in meaning. In one of his last essays, “A modern myth“, Carl Gustav Jung examines the phenomenon of UFOs. Without questioning the fact that they may be real objects, Jung deepens the psychological value of the phenomenon. Jung finds in UFOs … Read more

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