The Shadow in Jung dream of the “Brocken Specter”

The Shadow in Jung’s Dream: a short video commenting on a famous youth dream by Carl Gustav Jung.

Carl Gustav Jung’s youthful dream of the “Brocken Specter” is an example of a recurring chase dream. Dreaming of being chased is an archetypal theme linked to the relationship with our “Shadow”.

The video explains the meaning of the dream according to the Tarot language.

The shadow in Jung dream and the Tarot

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Dreaming of being chased and the jungian Shadow

Il Matto dei Tarocchi

Meaning of dreams of being chased Dreaming of being chased is a very recurring type of dream. The idea of ​​the dream is to have someone behind us. Tipically it is someone or something with unpleasant and frightening features. We perceive this presence as a danger, an entity from which to escape. Psychologically, what pursues … Read more

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