Unconscious does not exist? An ode to skeptics

Unconscious does not exist This article is dedicated to all those who claim that unconscious does not exist. “Many people doubt the existence of the unconscious,” Jung argued in the last century. I have the feeling that this attitude of skepticism towards the unconscious has become stronger today: I often hear this objection when I … Read more

Jungian interpretation of Tarot card: the Temperance

Temperance Tarot card: a jungian interpretation The Temperance Tarot Card, an image rich in symbolic content, offers an ideal setting for an example of jungian interpretation of Tarot. The Temperance Tarot Card in traditional cartomancy is linked to the idea of ​​healing. It is, so to speak, a “therapeutic” Arcanum, associated with the caregiver archetype. … Read more

Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey

Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey I have recently read the awesome book “Jung and the Tarot: an archetypal journey“. A dear friend of mine, Giuseppe Fojeni gave it to me years ago. It is an essay written by Sallie Nichols back in 1980. Jung and Tarot: approaching Tarot in a Jungian perspective It is … Read more

Recurring themes in dreams and how to approach them

Recurring themes in dreams We can often find recurring themes in dreams, such us recurring locations, elements, or characters. But the various forms and shapes with which they recur in dreams makes it difficult to link them to their deeper symbolic meaning. Those symbolic elements very often revolve around the archetypes described by Carl Gustav … Read more

Dangers of lucid dreaming: pro and cons of lucid dreams

Pro and cons of lucid dreaming Lucid dreams are surely a wonderful thing, but I want to point out some dangers of lucid dreaming. First of all, lucid dreams are those dreams where we realize we are dreaming. The result is the possibility of piloting our actions as if we were awake. Or even to … Read more

Psychological Types and Tarot: a Jungian perspective

The 4 suits of the Tarot and the jungian psychological types Jungian psychological types and Tarot suits seem to be symbolically connected. The characteristics of the four psychological types are summarized briefly in a sublime way by Jung himself: Sensation is that psychological function which, through the senses, tells us that something exists; the Thinking … Read more

The Tarot to interpret dreams: OniroTarology

The Tarot as a tool to interpret dreams: the OniroTarologia method. Dreams and Tarot speak the same language, both leaning on symbolic and archetypal images. Click here for some practical examples of dream interpretation thanks to this method.

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