Knight of Tarot symbolism

In the Major Arcana we have a Tarot card entitled “The Chariot”, while in the so-called Minor Arcana of the Tarot we find the figure of the Knight with its specific symbolism.

What can we say about the Knight of Tarot symbolism in relation to the Chariot?

Chariot and Knight of the Tarot in comparison
Chariot and Knight of the Tarot in comparison

What is the difference between Chariot and Knights in the Tarot, from a purely symbolic point of view?

Let’s first make a small digression of military history.

The use of war chariots was reserved in ancient times to commanders or army leaders. This then places the Chariot on a higher level than the Knights. After all we are talking about a Major Arcana compared with a Minor Arcana!

What is then the difference between the Chariot and the Knight of the Tarot from a practical and elementary point of view?

What makes the Chariot “stronger” than the Knight, and what can the Knight of the Minor Arcana teach the Chariot Tarot card?

As a benefit, the Chariot offers the possibility of transporting weapons, vehicles, supplies and equipment.

The Knight cannot carry a lot of equipment and comfortable means with him, but he has the advantage of being faster and more directly in contact with his own instinct, represented by the horse symbolism. And we see it is a single horse, unlike the opposing two instincts that the Charioteer must coordinate.

The moral of the story is: the more we carry equipment, sophisticated weapons and heavy “masks”, the more we rise in rank, but the more we are disconnected from our instincts (the horses) and the more conflicting and difficult to tame they become.

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