Best Dream Journal Apps to analyze your dreams

Apps to keep a Dream Journal

To approach dream interpretation it is vital to record your dreams and my aim now is to suggest you the best Dream Journal apps.

The best Apps for your dream journal

The first step in approaching the dream world is obviously to remember our dreams. (Read the article here for tips on how to remember your dreams).

The next step is to archive your dreams systematically. Besides Dream Journal Pro application, I would like to point out another useful tool to keep track of your dreams: Dreamboard.

The online platform “Dreamboard”

It is a completely free online platform that allows you to create your own dream diary. Dreamboard comes also an app that allows you to record and catalog your dreams in a funny and intuitive way.

Alongside the beautiful graphic and simplicity of use, Dreamboard offers some tools to carry out a first analysis of your dreams.

To give a few examples, it is possible to find:

  • the most common topics you dream of.
  • “colors” and feelings you associate to your dream.
  • the characters and symbolic elements that recurringly populate your dream scenario.

All this features combined will create your personal “dream tree”, which will grow and develop hand in hand with your dreamlike evolution!

The Dream Journal App “Dream Catcher”

Another interesting App is Dream Catcher. As in Dream Journal Pro you can use voice recording to record your dream. It is a very convenient feature for those who don’t have the time to type.

Another beautiful feature is the possibility to highlight dream patterns, in other words, the trends underlying your dreams. Through the use of “tags”, we can for example understand:

  • what items do you dream about most often?
  • what are the correlations between the items you dream of? For example: if I often dream about my home, what other objects or characters do I tend to dream of in combination with my home?

Moreover, for enthusiasts of lucid dreaming, you can set up “reality checks” during the day. Those are “reality tests” to make sure you are awake. For example: “can you read the same sentence twice? Does it change in the process?”.

The idea is that, when the habit will have us perform the same test during the dream, we could realize we are dreaming!

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