Pregnancy dreams in Christmas time

Two Christmas pregnancy dreams

I talked about pregnancy dreams and dreaming of giving birth in various articles. Now I’d like to tell you about two emblematic examples of pregnancy dreams.

Through my Onirotarology website I receive several requests for dreams to interpret.

Recently I came across two really surprising pregnancy dreams. I say surprising because both dreams present the same situation. And they are dreams made by two women who are absolutely foreign to each other. In one the dreamer gives birth and decides to call her son Cristian. In the other dream a child is born who is called Kristian. I repeat that these are two different dreamers. I therefore exclude any probability that they know each other.

The Judgement of the Tarot and pregnancy dreams
The Judgement of the Tarot and pregnancy dreams

Even more surprising is the fact that the two dreams came to me within the same week during Christmas time.

Subjective and objective meanings of the dream

As a good practice in approaching a dream to be interpreted in which a person’s name appears, it is first necessary to verify if there are real associations of the dreamer with the name itself.

Let us therefore ask ourselves: are there people in the life of the dreamer with this name? Are there objective events that can be matched with names similar to the one dreamed of?

In both cases, the dreamers have denied having a real and direct relationship with the names mentioned. This leads to approaching names as symbolic elements. That is to say, “amplifying” the meanings by thinking of everything the name refers to from an objective point of view.

According to this amplifying logic, it was natural for me to put the names Cristian and Kristian in relation to the Christ archetype. All the more considering the temporal proximity to Christmas.

The spiritual nature of pregnancy dreams

In female pregnancy dreams, male children symbolically have mostly a spiritual nature. We are thus dealing with representations of Animus. In the Jungian approach, the Animus is the masculine energy of the female psyche. We could therefore interpret the dream thinking of a new form of spirituality that is developing (or being re-born) in the womb of the dreamers. A spirituality very close to the Christian model.

But how to interpret the synchronicity of the two dreams described with similar themes? Within an individual dream we can find elements that are valuable for the entire humanity. A prophetic dream of Jung had anticipated the forecoming of World War One.

This happens because each of us is rooted in the collective unconscious. All the more we find confirmation of this phenomenon if two individuals do the same kind of dream.

The revival of Christianity

We could then venture to say that at the collective level a re-birth of Christianity is taking place. One of my suppositions is that this is a consequence of the work of Pope Francis.

The action of the new Pope seems to be reconciling the contradictions of Catholicism. All the intransigencies that in the past have caused a separation between spiritual life and material life, ultimately alienating the people from (Catholic) religion, are disappearing.

Pregnancy dreams and The Tarot Pope as a bridge ("pontifex") between spirit and matter
The Tarot Pope as a bridge (“pontifex”) between spirit and matter

This reconciliation between spirit and matter is wonderfully represented by the symbolism of these dreams. The “new” Christ is being born from a “common” woman and not from the ineffable and unreachable figure that Catholicism made of Mary.

Let’s just consider the “maternal” root of the term: “mater”, “matrix”, mother!

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