How to remember dreams everynight

How to remember dreams

Why don’t I ever remember my dreams? Are there techniques to learn how to remember dreams?

Many say they don’t dream, but this is physiologically impossible: we all dream every night! The real theme is rather that of remembering your dreams regularly.

Even I lived for a long time with the certainty of not dreaming, until I realized the importance of the dream world and the need to remember (and of course to interpret! ) my dreams.

Dreams are a part of us that asks, indeed, claims to be heard. A beautiful rabbinic proverb says “An uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter”. The first step for those who engage in the world of dream interpretation is to collect a “critical mass” of their dreams and inevitably this raises the need to remember them, so that they can then be archived (but I’ll talk about this in another article).

I guarantee you that this simple awareness alone is enough – the understanding of how important the dream world is for our psychic balance – to (re) open the channel of communication with our unconscious and to begin to remember dreams.

Practical tips to remember dreams

Here is a list of five simple practical steps to induce the memory of the dream:

1) Understand how important dreams are! Ok, I’ve already said that! But “repetita iuvant”.

2) Fall asleep – this very night! – with the firm intention of remembering your dreams upon awakening. It may be useful to declare this intention aloud … but without waking the neighbors!

3) Keep a dream log or diary of dreams near the bed. A notebook or paper diary is perfect, but for the most “technophiles” there are dedicated apps for smartphones. There are very useful “apps” especially when combined with the possibility of directly recording your own voice and converting it into text.

4) Start by recording or transcribing even the most insignificant dream fragment. But do it immediately, as soon as you wake up, before drinking coffee or brushing your teeth: dreams melt like snow in the sun when we wake up! Even a vague “image” that we remember, a situation, a feeling combined with the dream may suffice. You will find that over time, by doing this methodically, the amount of dream memories will increase surprisingly, to the point that you will be able to remember from 2 to 4 “whole” dreams or single fragments every night after the second week ( try to believe)!

5) While you are dressing up, or having breakfast, or along the way to go to work, continue to focus on the tiny fragment that you have so painstakingly remembered. You will be amazed by observing how the mind continues to work autonomously on the memory of the dream, enriching it with new details that you had missed in the first place.

The importance of remembering dreams

I reiterate the importance of doing this exercise constantly, as it is very easy even for those who regularly remember their dreams to regress to the stage of absence of dream memory.

I personally noticed that a week without recording my dreams is enough to have again that nasty feeling of not dreaming. In another article I’ll give you other suggestions on how to write your own dream diary and how to start moving in the world of dream interpretation, but now … everyone go to bed and have good dreams!

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How to remember dreams: the book of the Tarot

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